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Gain a thorough understanding of the basic concepts and principles of VAT and how the tax operates both internationally and domestically with Edoxi's VAT Training in Dubai. 

  • Learn VAT Essentials through Classroom/Online Training
  • Learn the key rules and regulations of VAT 
  • Understand VAT and the importance of completing VAT returns correctly
  • Gain the confidence that you are dealing with VAT correctly within your company.
  • Become efficient in the handling VAT queries 
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Get Started To Gain Insight into the Fundamentals of Value Added Tax System

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax on the utilization of goods and services imposed at every sale point. It’s an indirect tax that is exploited in many countries across the world. It’s now initiated in the UAE from the 1st of January 2018 and the percentage is decided as 5. So, if you want to learn more about Value added tax and the other things linked to it, get to Edoxi training institute, which is the best VAT Training center in Dubai at present. We are the best institute with enormous experience in training students. So, for all your training needs, get to us now!

Value added tax offers UAE a new income source that will be continued to be used to offer quality services to the public. It helps the government to pass towards its vision of sinking requirement on oil as a profit basis. Value added services as a common ingestion tax will relate to most of the transactions in goods and services. A partial number of exemptions may be established.

This results in the enhanced cost of living to some extent, but all these things change based on the lifestyle of the individual, and also how he spends on a regular basis for his living. If you spend on those things that have VAT, then you will definitely see an increase in the cost of your living. So, for people who want to learn and understand the things clearly about VAT, we are offering the finest training on VAT accounting and also on return filing. Learn the course if you are eagerly looking to have a career in accounting kind of fields.

Course Topics:

  • Overview of VAT
  • Fundamental features of taxable provisions i.e. goods and services
  • Taxable persons
  • Chargeable amount – Value Added Tax rates and exclusions
  • Place of supply – Goods and also Services
  • Early Taxation in UAE
  • Working of group VAT
  • Deduction and retrieval of input tax
  • Managerial elements of VAT
  • History and ideas of VAT
  • Current input/output tax
  • GCC VAT Framework
  • Impact on businesses
  • Advantages and disadvantages of VAT
  • VAT calculation categorization
  • VAT registration procedure
  • In-depth concepts of VAT

These are a few course topics. More topics will be discussed in our VAT Training Institute Dubai and that you will know once you attend our training sessions.

Learning objectives:

Once you complete this training, you get the capability to:

  • Converse about VAT and its history, some of the benefits of VAT and also disadvantages of VAT.
  • Explain how Value Added Tax functions, mainly in aspect of output and input tax, in a way that it residues unbiased in its request by businesses.
  • Debate on how Value added tax works inside the European Union’s free marketplace.
  • Elucidate the influence of exception in VAT and how tax is considered by businesses that contract in exempted supplies.
  • Classify some of the more significant managerial matters that VAT needs.
  • Understand how to plan VAT.
  • Know the risks behind inappropriate managing of VAT.
  • Recognize how VAT smears to world-wide transactions of both goods and services 
  • How the system permits for objectivity by safeguarding that imports and exports are neither benefitted nor disadvantaged over native provisions.

These are some of the learning objectives of our VAT training in Dubai.

Target audience:

  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs
  • Finance Managers
  • CFOs
  • Accountants
  • People in Payable & Receivable Accounts
  • Internal and External Auditors
  • People in Sales and purchasing
  • Individuals interested in learning VAT

How to file a VAT return?

File your tax return by electronic means via the FTA portal: Before filing on the portal i.e. filing the VAT return form, ensure that you have met the complete needs of tax. So, want to learn about return filing? Then, we are your ultimate guide. Get to our experts today! In case of a failure to file a tax return in the time mentioned, the violator is accountable for fines according to the requirements of Cabinet Resolution No. 40 of 2017 on Managerial Penalties for Defilements of Tax Laws in the UAE.

VAT Accounting:

We are the best VAT Training Companies in Dubai as of now and we also give training on VAT accounting and you will learn about the few things like:

  • Delivering the VAT invoice
  • Outline of an invoice
  • Dissimilarity between money business and sales on account
  • VAT records and certification to be upheld
  • Accounting admissions for VAT
  • Resident acquisitions of goods and services
  • Trade-in goods and services
  • VAT on sales and expenditures
  • Discounts offered to the consumers
  • Awareness of late consumer’s expenses
  • Handling of damaged goods
  • Fixed assets sales and purchases
  • Predictable presentation of a VAT return

Advantages of VAT training:

  • It builds a fundamental for common discussion and understanding.
  • It decreases the probability of mistakes through enhanced skill and inner communications.
  • Best examples for self-learning.
  • It may affect price savings and better risk organization.
  • It offers a sound foundation for challenging whether an ERP system was applied properly.
  • Specialized assistance by professional VAT specialists.
  • Tailor-made training.
  • Familiarity grown can be straightaway applied in everyday practice.

These are some of the finest advantages of VAT training with Edoxi training institute. So, when it comes to VAT Consulting in Dubai, we are always the best and our experience says it all. We have a very positive word of mouth among the students and corporates and they always love us for the work we deliver them.

Finally, we can say that our VAT training is considered as the best always in entire Dubai. If anyone asks you that what is the best VAT training center, then you can confidently say that Edoxi training institute is the most excellent among them. You can also say that we are the most preferred due to unique ways of learning and teaching methodologies.

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