11 July, 2022

article1Muhamad Thasveer Arafath

8 Reasons Why Project Management is a Top Career Choice?


Do you like to lead a team and keep everything organized? If yes, project management is the best career choice for you. From planning to completion, you will be responsible for a project’s success. 

Planning, organizing, and managing the effort to fulfill a successful project is project management. A career in project management is trending now, as they earn a good living. Project managers are always in demand irrespective of the industry. 

 Here we will discuss the reasons why project management is a good career choice. 

Why Choose Project Management as a Career

  • Opportunities
  • Salary Potentials
  • Growing Demand
  • Develop skills 
  • Improve work culture
  • Working Flexibility and People-Centred
  • Learn to Take Up Challenges 
  • Get better at problem-solving

A project Management career requires a set of soft and hard skills. From good communication skills, effective cost handling, leadership skills to risk management, and critical thinking, a project manager is supposed to possess these talents to meet the project successfully. Here are 8 reasons why Project Management is a top career choice for you. 

1. Greate Career Opportunities in Project Management

If you dream of steady and constant growth in your career, project management offers you diverse opportunities. PM (Project Management) professionals are high in demand due to the emerging requirements. By choosing a project management career, you can prepare, manage your projects, and expand your skills. Excellent job security in any dynamic field is a part of this role. It allows for international travel to take lead in multiple projects. Some of the industries that offer opportunities to project managers are listed below:

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Real estate development
  • Software development
  • Telecommunications

2. Decent Pay and Salary Potentials

Who doesn’t want to earn more? Project management positions offer high salaries for you. Irrespective of the firm and the sector, you can earn a good salary because this job is highly in demand.Getting a job that has high earning potential is the dream of every job aspirant.  Similar to any other jobs requiring hard work and experience, project managing job also offers you high income. The salary is comparatively high but it may vary from company to company. A professional, who is ready to take responsibility for project handling gets more salary.  While getting a PMP certification gives you more demand in the industry and offers a good salary. 

3. Growing Demand

Project management is one of the most rapidly growing professions in the world now. Project management is a niche where an outlook for extraordinarily skilled project professionals is found. In every industry, project management professionals are in high demand due to the large scale of requirements and the complexity of projects undertaken in various industries.

According to the project management trends report in 2019“Due to the advanced technology and expanding global market, project management professional roles will reach 15.7 million between 2010 and 2020”. 

Project management is a wide area to flourish and you can explore to grow in different directions. You do not have to work in any particular firm. Large and small business clients are available. The type of industry that you can access is also diverse. You have the right set of circumstances to get exposure to different work scenarios.

4. Develop skills 

You will develop various skills and learn new technologies as you grow in the profession. Project managers develop a set of hard and soft skills to achieve success in a project. Every project will require new ideas and thoughts. You can improve your creativity and talent as this field of work environment would never limit your creativity.  Your existing skills will be developed and you will be capable of handling the clients as well as the projects effectively. 

Are you good at communication, motivation, and delegation? Then you can be a good leader too. As a project manager, you have to bring your team together from starting to end. Find out the strength and weakness of your team members, make them challenge themself in projects and encourage them too.

As a leader, you are responsible for analyzing business needs and making the correct decision. Having strong analytical skills and leadership qualities can help you to be efficient and improve the productivity of your team.

5. Improve work culture

Why not influence and help juniors grow? A project manager’s objectives and vision will be followed and incorporated by its team members. If you are a project manager, you can easily influence your team. Juniors working under a professional will learn great managerial lessons. Improved work culture undoubtedly increases the standard and demand of an organization.

6. Working Flexibility and People-Centred

A good work-life balance is what everyone needs. PMs are expected to work extensively on a project in hand which might be stressful. On the other hand, you have a flexible time and place to work. Remote, part-time, freelance, and digital project management career opportunities are available. Working flexibility is a major advantage for project managers. 

Good project managers are people-oriented. If you like to be surrounded by people and are good at managing them, this career gives you an opportunity. PMs are good at managing clients. They are also detail-oriented and keep an eye on everything to run the project successfully. They constantly meet with stakeholders, manage conflicts between various stakeholders, and keep motivation levels high.

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7. Learn to Take Up Challenges 

If you are a project manager, you can make a difference in the project, your peers, and your organization. However, you are supposed to have good communication skills, leadership quality, and critical thinking. A project manager alone can influence the growth and stability of an organization. You can efficiently contribute to an industry or company and benefit anyone around you with the unique skills you develop.If you are a project manager, you can make a difference in the project, your peers, and your organization. However, you are supposed to have good communication skills, leadership quality, and critical thinking. A project manager alone can influence the growth and stability of an organization. You can efficiently contribute to an industry or company and benefit anyone around you with the unique skills you develop.

8. Get better at problem-solving

Do you like to take a problem and resolve it in a creative way?

Effective problem solving is actually an important element in your project management. As a project manager, you will be given problems and need to figure out creative solutions. The 5 steps to display your problem-solving ability is to:

  • Define the Problem
  • Determine the Causes
  • Generate Ideas
  • Select the Best Solution
  • Take Action

How you relate and interact with people, your personal touch and how you build relationships—has a major impact on the outcome of your projects.


Continuous learning is important to your growth in this evolving industry. You have to learn more for a better future, and also develop special knowledge about other industries. This will help you to make a shift from one industry to another possible. Now you are working in a particular industry but you want to specialize in any other industry or a particular type of project management, then you can.

As I mentioned earlier, getting formal PMP training in Dubai can be a huge asset to your project management profession. This certification will add up to your CV and can help bring a transition from the current level to a new higher level. Enrol now on NIOS Course to complete your higher education.

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article1Muhamad Thasveer Arafath


Muhamad Thasveer Arafath is an engineer with a post-graduation MBA who possesses 20+ years of industry work experience in Project Management. To name a few of his area expertise, he has worked in various multi-million construction/development projects and programs in the UAE concerning project planning, project controls, project advisory/valuations, as a project lead, etc. 

Muhamad is currently a project management consultant and trainer specializing in Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications. He has now completed training for  65+  batches for various PMI certifications, holding an excellent passing rate among his training participants. 

He holds eight certifications from PMI and is an Award winner from the PMI UAE Chapter in 2019/2020 for being the member with the highest number of PMI certifications in UAE. He is certified from PMI in PfMP, PgMP, PMP, RMP, SP, SP, PBA and CAPM. He is also a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Valuers (FIIV).

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