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SAT Score 2022: Score Range, Mean Score, What is a Good SAT Score


When the SAT was reconstructed in 2016, the scores became easier to calculate. The score range was changed to 400-1600 with only two sections to score. Score ranges, mean (average) scores, and percentiles are used to determine a candidate’s college readiness. If you have a dream college in mind, you need to set a target and reach their required SAT scores. Also, keep in mind that it is not the only factor relied on when making an admission decision. 

Some colleges have become temporarily test-optional, which means that SAT scores are no longer an extended matter. You can choose to submit your scores on your will and considering the college’s demands and requirements. If you decide to present your SAT score, you need to prepare to achieve your goal score. In order to aim for the goal, you need to gather the score range for SAT Test 2022 and analyze the mean score. We will help you find the correct information you need about the SAT score 2022 and what is considered a good SAT score. 

What Is a Good SAT Score for 2022?

A good SAT score depends on the choice of college that you are aspiring to go to. For instance, Harvard’s average score is typically 1500 points and above, whereas, for the University of Iowa, the average SAT score is 1240. So, in reality, a good SAT score depends on which college you want to attend. 

A good SAT score overall is chosen as the 50th percentile of the score range. The average SAT score for 2022 is 1051, and if you score more than that, you have obtained a good score for the SAT exam because you would have scored higher than the majority of the test takers. 

For the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) section, the average score is 530, whereas the Math section is 520. The mean score is the 50th percentile of 1600, but it is not sure to cut many colleges. This is why it is typically better to aim for at least the 75th percentile of the score range, 1200 or higher.

SAT Score Percentile 

The SAT score percentile will show you how your overall scores stand compared to other test takers. Percentile ranking may have slight changes from year to year, and you can use it to see what constitutes a good SAT score.

99th (Best) 760 and above 790 and above 1550 and above
90th (Excellent) 670 690 1350
75th (Good) 610 600 1200
50th (Average) 530 520 1050
25th (Poor) 450 440 900
10th (Poorer) 390 380 790


As a result of the percentile, the average score is the 50th percentile, which is 1050 points. A good SAT score is likely to fall under the 75th percentile, which would be 1200. To come under the category of the top 10%, you will need to score at least 1350. If you score 1400 and above, it is considered the highest score, which puts you in the 97th percentile. The highest SAT score achievable is 1600.  

On the contrary, a score below 900 would put you in the bottom line. It will not be enough to impress the college admission department. As a result, an SAT score below the 25th percentile is considered to be a poor score. SAT Classes can help you boost your scores with rigorous preparation for the exams. Focusing on your weak points and ameliorating each section will help you score better. 

SAT Score Calculator

Calculating your SAT score, the raw points of SAT EBRW and SAT Math are calculated in a series of components. The raw scores are equal to the correct answers given by the test takers. The scoring system no longer contains a negative marking scheme; hence each question carries one point. 

Firstly, raw scores are calculated for each section separately. 

  • SAT Reading has 52 questions in total, so the maximum raw score is 52.
  • SAT Writing and Language total raw score is 44 as to the total number of questions
  • SAT Maths has a total of 58 questions that is the maximum raw score
  • SAT Math Score from both no calculator and calculator sections. 

After calculating the raw scores, they are converted into the scale scores. SAT scale scores translate the raw scores when converted into section scores using the score chart - they are between 200-800 from both the section (EBRW and Math). 

For SAT Math score, you convert the obtained score onto a scale of 200-800 using a score chart. The obtained raw scores of Reading and Writing need to be separately converted on a scale of 10-40 using to get the SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score. The two scaled scores are multiplied by 10 to give you the final score of EBRW. 

The SAT Math section and SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section are the overall SAT scores obtained by the candidate. For example, if you scored 680 in Maths and 700 in EBRW, your total SAT score will be 680+700 = 1380. 

How to understand your SAT Score Report?

The candidates will receive their score report from the College Board, which gives a detailed view of your incorrect, correct, and omitted answers. Upon logging in, you will receive your total SAT score, which combines your Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section and Math section scores. 

You will also find a breakdown of cross-tests and subscores that measure different skill sets on your SAT score report. Your SAT score Report will contain: 

  • Test Scores with the number of correct and incorrect answers in each section 
  • Cross Test Scores that analyze how you solve problems that are interdisciplinary with Social Studies and History.
  • The scores are out of 40 points where the questions are in both EBRW and Math sections. 
  • The Subscores give you an idea of how you perform on specific critical concepts of each section. 

With the SAT Score Report, you will understand what your raw score was and how they converted it to your scaled score. Each section will be color-coded to have a clear idea of where you will need to improve. If you took the optional essay section, the score report would show you how you performed reading, writing, and analysis. 

To Conclude 

There are many ways to see what a good SAT score is in 2022. Looking at the average score of 2022 and the percentile is the easiest method of determining a good score. However, for you, a good SAT score depends on which college you intend on pursuing. You create your goal score by charting out your dream colleges and finding out their SAT score information. Based on your studies, you can establish your goal score and aim towards achieving it. Aiming for the 75th percentile (1200-1210) can be your safety net, but it rounds up to which college you intend to apply to. The key to your success score is always prior preparation. Practice efficiently, keeping your goal score in mind so that you can have your place in your dream college. 

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