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Social Media Marketing Course for Your Career Growth

Social media marketing is one of the internet marketing forms which makes use of social networking websites as a marketing tool. It’s a vital element for online businesses. Using social media marketing effectively gives your business global exposure, increases brand awareness, and gives a huge boost in traffic & sales. Social networking sites benefit individuals and businesses by helping them connect with one another and build communities and relationships online. Edoxi training institute is providing fabulous coaching on Social Media Marketing Courses in Dubai with which you will become an expert in social media marketing and can easily bring leads to your business.

The Social Media Specialist course will transform you into an excellent marketer in social media. You will be industry-ready to market the products or services of any business, be it through ads or organic ways of promotion. You will be good at SEO, content marketing, which helps you in elevating your brand by executing social campaigns successfully. Inbound methodologies, outbound techniques, and learning many more things will drive you further into becoming a highly skilled social media specialist.

Course Topics:

  • Social Media Introduction
  • How Social Media Has Changed Businesses
  • Creating a Sustainable Social Media Strategy
  • Creating a Campaign Message
  • Social Media Challenges
  • Building a Social Media Strategy
  • Psychology of Social Sharing
  • Producing Content Ideas
  • Adapting your social media plan to capitalize on your strengths
  • Understanding the impact of great visuals
  • Optimizing paid, earned, shared, and owned media
  • Social Sharing
  • Unlocking Content’s Full Potential
  • Story Telling
  • Understanding Consumer Stories and Their Role
  • Reputation Management and Response
  • Finding Influencers and Evangelists
  • Understanding the Role of Social in the Sales Cycle
  • Video and YouTube Marketing
  • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Marketing

These are a few topics that you will learn in our Social Media Marketing Training in Dubai. There are more such topics that will help you master this course easily.

What Social Media Specialists will learn to improve a business?

Connect with the target audience: Social Media Specialists can identify and connect with your target audience by getting a clear picture of who your target audience are and connect with them. Know their interests, answer their queries, provide them solutions, and ask for feedback that helps you focus more on your branding efforts and improve them. Ad campaigns are very much necessary to build awareness. These campaigns also help in increasing interest and engagement among your existing clients.

Learn to say no to Over-Optimization: With Social Media Marketing, you can achieve top search engine rankings for a precise keyword. But you must be careful because using of same anchor text every time when you link your site is a black-hat technique. It leaves a ‘digital footprint’, and search engines can recognize that you are trying to manipulate the search results for getting the desired results. So, a balanced optimization strategy is necessary, which you will learn in our training.

Get involved and build rapport: Involve in discussions, reply to blog posts, and make people realize that they are responding to an individual and not just a company or a bot. Building rapport is essential. Agree to their opinions and thoughts on a specified topic and present your individual opinion to help them solve the complications and to understand in a better way. Remember that building trust is important which establishes long-term customer relationships.

Measure results: Social media isn’t free. You must carefully analyze and track all the ad campaign costs, the investments that you kept on your social media activities, and the number of man-hours you have dedicated to social media engagement. Moreover, you must also measure results to know whether social media activities have resulted in lead generation, boosting sales, improved branding, etc.

Who should take this course?

Social media can enhance any businesses marketing efforts. The following people can opt for this course:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Social Media Copywriter
  • Brand Manager
  • Blogger
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Media Relations Representative
  • Online Community Engagement Manager
  • Social Media Consultant

Besides these, people who are generally more interested to learn social media can opt for this course and become a master in it.

Edoxi training institute is offering the finest Social Media Marketing Expert Training in Dubai at present. Most of the students are picking us because we are the best Social Media Institute in Dubai. The reason is, our training is giving only by experts who have tons of knowledge in this field and also we offer our training in convenient timings and that too at a reasonable price range. So, get to us and become a Social Media Specialist in no time.

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