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Build the foundation for successful SAP operations with Edoxi's professional SAP BASIS Training in Dubai.

  • Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the most challenging projects
  • Gain a wider spectrum of opportunity in the global market
  • Gain a competitive edge to meet the strategic goals of your organization
  • Gain international recognition and instill client confidence
  • Become a professional SAP Basis Consultant of SAP System Administrator
SAP Basis Training

SAP Basis Course to Get you Started

SAP Basis is a set of programs and devices that operate as a boundary with Database, OS, message protocols, and various SAP modules like SD, FI, HCM, etc. Our SAP BASIS training in Dubai will introduce diverse characteristics of Basis. For that, Edoxi training institute is offering SAP BASIS courses in Dubai where you will be trained on the most advanced things on SAP Basis. We have designed the course in such a way that it helps you in easy placement. We guarantee that the results will be outstanding and your career better than the best you even think of.

SAP BASIS skills are the foundation for effective SAP operations and this recess IT skill and a BASIS specialist toils as an administrator for a system which is an assortment of SAP servers. Right from setting up various SAP products in customer information center to improve existing systems, archiving of information, captivating backups, gap management all very important tasks for system accessibility are dealt with by SAP BASIS consultant. So, get ready to get SAP Basis training from us and look forward to a bright career path.

Course Topics:

  • Basics of SAP system
  • Client-server scalability of the SAP system
  • Installation of SAP system
  • Job Procedure
  • Basics of Background Processing
  • Mass User Management
  • Supervising Lock Entries
  • Job Scheduling
  • User formation & upholding
  • Change management
  • Troubleshooting Transports
  • Advanced Transport Management
  • Database activities using SAPDBA
  • Lock organization in SAP Systems
  • Tablespace Administration
  • Introduction to Oracle Optimizer
  • Database restructuring
  • Housekeeping
  • Oracle Patching
  • Install central instance
  • Client conception and client management
  • Job Processes setup
  • The Transport System
  • Lifecycle Implementation concepts
  • TEMSE object Database
  • Monitoring SAP Instances
  • Intro to Java Cluster Architecture
  • Diverse kinds of users
  • Importing SAP Notes
  • System Traces and Audit info system

These are a few of the course topics that are taught in our SAP BASIS training center. More topics will be discussed once you join our SAP BASIS training course sessions.


All the aspirants must have a fundamental knowledge of ERP. Awareness of software installing and organizing on the Windows platform is needed.

Course Objectives:

Our SAP BASIS Classes in Dubai will assist you in learning how SAP BASIS supervises a big company’s information by allowing applications across OS’s non-operable with a primary base. You will get a sound idea of setting up and rules, SAP printing system, patch organization, common administration utilities, and diverse other significant and helpful topics.

  • Overview of SAP R/3, 2-Tier, and 3-Tier organization
  • Understand about multi-system setting and physical exchange of OP modes
  • Preserving Authorization/Profile physically
  • Configuring Transport Domain, Domain Controller, and Groups
  • Learning database backup, reinstate and revival and Troubleshooting
  • You must carry out a concurrent project based on the complete course syllabus

Edoxi SAP Basis Training classes are perfectly designed & instructed in a methodical manner by the industry-expert professionals who make it extremely simple to obtain and inflate SAP BASIS skills swiftly. We build top quality content with live examples and practical’s to offer total control during and after the training is done. So, once the training is done with us, you can straight-away start working.

Who should do this course?

SAP BASIS is being utilized by the world’s apex MNC’s. SAP Basis Certified experts are being paid huge salaries compared to others who are working in different technologies. With an incredible number of work opportunities in SAP BASIS, these job roles will get an advantage from this course:

  • Individuals with ample skill in using DBMS or SQL commands.
  • Individuals who have the fundamental consciousness of any Object Oriented Programming language.
  • Individuals who have skills in any database such as Oracle.

Improve your technology skills with SAP courses in Dubai, We are offering training on a range of things that help build your career. We also have designed this course specifically for corporate companies. The curriculum can be changed as per their requirements and necessities and we are ready to do as many customizations. No other institute is offering the same kind of services just like us. We give training in small batches so that it helps students in easy understanding and learning. So, are you ready to get trained by our professional experts? Give us a call today and we shall guide you on the path to success.

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