Revit Structure Course in Dubai

Create accurate documentation of steel and concrete designs with Autodesk Revit Structure Course in Dubai

  • Understand the new features in structural projects
  • Achieve high skills to use the structural tools 
  • Learn to design and amend your own structure models 
  • Earn a certificate approved by the Ministry of Education, UAE
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Career in Revit Structure

All That You Need to Know About Revit Structure Training 

All the BIM basics will be provided by getting trained with Autodesk Revit Structure training. Edoxi training institute is offering training for individuals on Revit structure training in Dubai at reasonable prices. If you are based out in Dubai, then you are the luckiest ones as you can get training from some of the skilled personnel who have decades of training expertise in this area. Our training tactics are quite easy and simple to learn too. We also have designed our course keeping in mind the people of all age groups.

Objectives of Revit structure course:

Edoxi training institute Autodesk Revit Structure Course Dubai offers extensive training to help individuals become experts at the Revit structure, which has core capabilities. You will commence by exploring the user interface and understand the new features in structural projects. We offer training on the fundamental creation and altering tools and then we shall make you comprehend how to commence a structural project easily on your own without any dependencies.

Thereafter, in this course, will be a master and you will learn how to work with views, grids, and add walls to a model. You will come to know how to include a foundation, place framing, build structural corroboration, etc. Also, you will acquaint yourself with how to produce shaft systems, floor systems, and append detailing with each exercise files. To make it brief, we will help you master more than the required things in this course so that your dexterity assists you in succeeding in everything you pursue later.


Knowledge of structural design and its usage and understanding is a must to join our Revit Training in Dubai. We will help out in understanding the fundamental and advanced skills to master and to use the Autodesk Revit Structure software.

Course Outline:

  • Building Information Modelling for Structure Design
  • Working with Levels and Grids
  • Linking architecture
  • Elevation Settings
  • Creating View
  • Design Concrete Structure
  • Column and Beam
  • Creating foundations, with footings, piers, and pilasters
  • Designing retaining walls
  • Steel Structure Design
  • Adding beam systems
  • Tagging steel framing
  • Steel Connection Design
  • Creating a slab and floor
  • Slab edges
  • Reinforcing Concrete Structure
  • Adding brace frames
  • Creating stairs and ramps
  • Annotating drawings
  • Creating schedules
  • Managing Sheets
  • Family and Components

The above topics are only a few for your basic understanding and you will learn more when you join our training in Dubai location as part of our training sessions.

Course Duration:

The course duration is around 45 hours, which will be completed within a month. We will also provide fast track coaching.

What did you learn?

After completing this course training, you will be developed into an individual with high skills and knowledge necessary to use the tools. With the techniques you learn, you will be applying it in creating models easily without much help from others. Also, you will understand how to design and amend your own structure models. You will also gain extensive knowledge pertaining to Revit and you will be able to use the tools easier than ever before. With all these skills under your belt, you are ready to face the competitive job market easily and settle in the top positions in no time.

Why students and corporate must choose us?

For many of the students, training with clarity must be necessary when they undergo any course. We are the only institute who will offer this kind of training as we use concept-based learning methodologies. Our Revit structure course in Dubai is real project-oriented and we make students work on real projects as part of our training to understand the concepts more effectively. Hence, this is a great option for them to pick us. When you get trained on real projects, the scope of learning is sure to extend and you can move forward in learning easily.

One more advantage of choosing us is, we offer students and corporate companies training which is very much customized and according to their needs and necessities. Another reason most of them pick us is that we are providing quality training at reasonably low-cost from industry experts.

Our target audience:

Here is the target audience for this course:

  • Autodesk Revit Users
  • BIM Modeller
  • Civil Engineers
  • Structure Engineers
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Users

This is used by designers, contractors, architects, and structural engineers, and this Revit software helps in boosting the 3D elements and build a full-size information database of the model. At Edoxi training institute, all the training classes are only taught by high-skilled certified professionals and designers who have enormous skills in architecture and construction. Getting trained at our institute will turn you into a professional who has a precise understanding of Revit structure training and you can make quality decisions regarding sustainable design, planning, and construction.

In addition, you will be able to face and come out of any challenges with ease throughout the whole project. You will also be able to lead any project in the future at your office and come out with flying colors. So, ready to grasp this great chance of getting trained with us? Then, get in touch with us today and we shall do the rest in making you succeed in all your future endeavors.

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