Revit Architecture Course in Dubai

Create high-quality and precise engineering designs to take your career to the next level

  • Learn the highest quality of design project
  • Improve your BIM technology knowledge
  • Get project-based classes
  • Create digital drawings, 3D models and details
  • Earn certificate approved by the Ministry of Education, UAE
Revit Architecture Course

Revit Architecture Course for Your Career Growth

BIM from Autodesk Revit Architecture is the new high engineering, which brings together architects and developers. Building information modeling technology permits invent and communicating effectively developing models at any level of the process, to learn about the behavior of buildings in physical condition because of building and utilizing of corresponding, unified and associated creating data and facts. Edoxi training institute is providing the finest Revit Architecture Training in Dubai for those who are willing to enhance their career and take it to the next level i.e. from idea to construction.

Why learn Revit Architecture Training in Dubai?

Revit Architecture offers a unique chance to focus on the basic thing, which is the artistic part of building designing. You will be capable to work with the model in any useful portrayal, easily and quickly make alterations, plan working drawings judging by 3D models. 3-dimensional views will offer your view of the customer visually. Revit Architecture Training in Dubai brings tools that hold up MEP engineering, architectural design, construction, and structural engineering. Revit is specifically for BIM to support people in their design, build and create better quality buildings.

With our Revit Architecture training in Dubai, you are sure to grow into a design and construction expert who will be able to bring the latest design thoughts to construction with a consistent model-based approach. Our experts work relentlessly hard to bring positive changes to the training and this course when trained successfully to the students and professionals will give successful outcomes.

Requisites for Revit Architecture Training:

Knowledge of operating systems is mandatory if you want to succeed in this training. You must know how to start an app, create and save files, copy to CDs and other media. Understanding on AutoCAD is the additional advantage that you would get.

Objectives of Training:

  • Analysis: Building component energy analysis and corporal materials for performance testing.
  • Association: Sharing of work - Several individuals gather their job to a central file; union on shared models all through a WAN; complete the work from remote places using a local server.
  • Design: Quite simply model, alter, and document designs of railings, stairs; parametric works - graphical procedure for design, form making.
  • Exposure for construction ex-pat building design outlook; growth of performance for visualization; internment of design ideas in a photorealistic position, and reduction of plan cost with cloud-based rendering.

Course Topics in Revit Architecture Training:

  • Building Information Modeling for Architecture Design
  • Creating and Modifying Levels & Grids
  • Basics of Building Model
  • Drawing and Modifying Walls
  • Inserting Doors and Windows
  • Loading Additional Building Components
  • Curtain Walls & Façade Detailing
  • Creating & Modifying Floors & Roof
  • Managing Views – Working with Section & Elevation views
  • Working with Dimensions
  • Working with Ceiling Plans
  • Creation and Modifying Ramp, Stairs & Railings
  • Working with Text & Tags & Drawing Sheets
  • Using Walk Through
  • Using Sun and Shadow Settings
  • Importing & Exporting Vector/Raster Files
  • Creating Sloped Floor, Roofs, & Slabs
  • Annotating Site Plans
  • Creating & Modifying  Schedules
  • Managing Sheets -
  • Creating and Modifying Family & Components
  • Conceptual Designs using Mass
  • Topography & Site Components

Our Training:

Revit training in Dubai at Edoxi training institute is where you will get customized Autodesk Revit training at sensible prices. Our instructors have great knowledge in this field and will help you move on the right path always. Enhanced by Autodesk, Revit software from BIM comprises characteristics for MEP, construction, architectural design, and structural engineering.

To sum up, we are the only institute who are offering the best training to satisfy the growing needs of the companies. We know that Revit is a very big tool to make easy the BIM idea and comprehending. Getting trained on it will need an approach that should be highly structured. The key elements of this approach include knowing the dissimilarities in the BIM workflows and conventional CAD-based processes, training customized to specialization, structuring up adeptness in apps directly apprehensive to Revit.

Benefits of Our Training:

Edoxi training institute has a unique program that will enhance job productivity by finding and addressing the gaps in the skill set of individuals with its modern training programs. Our learning methodology enhances the ability of individuals by profiling each person’s skill and addressing knowledge gaps and needs. We must comprehend that time and budget will be a worry always and it can be really tough to get some quality time after or before work to concentrate more on the course. So, the key benefit of our training is, we will design a training program that is very much flexible and as per the needs of the individual. So, we can give quality training at your preferred time and location making it easy to allocate time for the remaining things.

One amazing benefit our training offers is, we offer many functions and capabilities along with exclusive BIM workflow design that boosts productivity while streamlining design and documents process. Our BIM training in Dubai will assist you in knowing how to create high quality and precise designs of architecture; make use of tools particularly built to assist BIM workflows. We will help you in understanding how to impound and examine ideas and preserve your idea all the way through planning, documentation, and construction.

Why are we different?

We are different from the rest because of the following reasons:

  • All our classes and concepts are real project-oriented.
  • Students will work on real projects as part of the training.
  • Hence the training is real project-based, and job-oriented.
  • Training will be customized as per the requirements of the individual.
  • A good number of students join us just through word of mouth.

Course Duration:

The course duration is around 45 hours, which can be completed in one month. We also provide fast track coaching for  Autodesk Revit Architecture Course Dubai.

Class Timing:

Institute provides a flexible timing option for candidates. Students can select their preferred time slot from 10 AM to 9 PM. Friday batches are also available. 

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