Performance Management Training in Dubai

Learn how to build effective performance management programs to advance employee careers and strengthen employee manager relationships. Our Performance Management Course Will Help to:

  • Understand the unique performance management process
  • Learn and understand 4 key components of the process
  • Assess and evaluate performances of individuals
  • Plan performance management aligning with company objectives
  • Support employees in creating and implementing goals
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All You Need to Confidently and Effectively Manage Your Employee's Performance

Learn to successfully supervise, inspire, and positively enhance the performance of an employee in the workplace.

“To be effective and yield results for your business, performance management must be a year-round process with no end.”  ~Teala Wilson~

The performance management professional course offers anyone with sufficient knowledge of how to enhance their team performance through quality performance management training. After taking up this course, you will know how to monitor an employee’s progress and also the team as a whole.

You will learn topics that range from models and resources to develop performance management structures, to quality management practices, and to training resources and procedures to build employees and permit them to fulfil their potential.

What You Will Learn From Our Performance Management Course in Dubai?

Our performance management training for managers helps in giving practical guidance to manage people at the workplace. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the early stages of a manager role or you are a middle manager. At the end of this performance review training for managers, the learners will be equipped with:

  • How to motivate and appraise your team
  • Manage disputes at the workplace
  • Make proper decisions on a day to day basis
  • Learn performance management skills and enhance self-awareness
  • Learn about team appraisal, self-appraisal, and 360 feedback system
  • Use of performance management data for HR decision making

Who Can Pursue Edoxi’s Performance Management Course?

  • Team leaders
  • Managers and Senior Managers
  • HR professionals

Though the above-mentioned designations are the target audience for this course, anyone who is interested to master the intricate details of the performance management course can join the course. You can also take up this course if you are interested in learning about the significance of retaining employees and career development programs.

Performance Management Course for Corporates

Performance Management course helps in inspiring the employees to reach their objectives within the company. This course helps managers and also employees to work in one direction and achieve key goals inside the company.

Performance appraisal is a method of appraising the behavior of employees at work, usually including the quantitative and qualitative aspects of job performance.

Corporate Performance Management offers comprehensive information on appraising the performance of individuals and companies is a common practice of all societies.

In some cases, the appraisal processes are structured and correctly sanctioned, in other cases, they are an informal and essential part of daily activities. Our performance appraisal training or performance review training, which is for a duration of 2 days or 16 hours will help you learn every bit of performance appraisal to help you lead your way easily.

Why Choose Performance Management Course for Corporates?

Edoxi’s performance management course is perfect for managers who are working in the corporate sector. Our professional guidance will help you learn the difficult aspects of performance management and craft the best strategies to resolve performance challenges. This course helps you to improve:

  • Organizational performance challenges
  • Employee performance assessment
  • Learn leadership and culture
  • Influencing as a leader
  • Coaching techniques for leaders
  • Motivating individuals and teams

Why Companies must provide Performance Management Course for Employees?

Performance management course is an ongoing process based on an annual cycle of setting goals at the beginning of the year, giving feedback, and updating goals during the year and conducting appraisals at the end of the year. The corporate training for this course provided by the firms, helps employees:

  • Career development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Self-analyze the performance
  • Manage individual performances

Why Choose Edoxi for Performance Management Course?

We have professional trainers who have decades of experience in their respective fields. Here are a few reasons to choose us:

  • We have industry-leading professional trainers.
  • Our training always meets international standards.
  • Our course completion certificate adds value to your career.
  • Our coaching center has flexible timing and has an affordable fee.
  • Our tailor-made teaching benefits individuals to learn at a fast pace.
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What is the duration of the Performance Management Course in Dubai?

The duration of our Performance Management Course is 2 days or 16 hours.

Is there an eligibility criterion to attend our Performance Management Course in Dubai?

Managers, team leaders, and human resource professionals are eligible to attend our performance management course.

Is Edoxi’s Performance Management Course in Dubai a certification Program?

Yes, Edoxi’s Performance Management Course in Dubai is a certification program. Once you complete the course successfully, you will be provided with a certificate approved by KHDA and QAQC in Dubai.