Navisworks Training in Dubai

Learn Autodesk Navisworks in a self-paced process to grow your Navisworks skills from beginners to advanced

  • Understand the features of the Navisworks products
  • Learn to perform 4D building sequencing
  • Get acquainted with tools inside Navisworks
  • Earn a certificate approved by the Ministry of Education, UAE
Students using Navisworks to designing

Navisworks Course For Your Career Growth

Navisworks is a fantastic tool for construction, architecture, and engineering experts. This permits them to build models and combine these with building information modeling information, precise virtual plans can be built, potential difficulties are recognized, and every process is modernized. Edoxi training institute in Dubai is offering Navisworks training in Dubai for individuals who are widely interested in this course. Navisworkss actually spans the planning and building worlds. The course is specifically designed for architects, engineers, and construction professionals. With our skill, you will help you reach the next levels.

Are you an individual who is looking to combine design with an as-built world, then get ready to join us now! Understand how to leverage Navisworkss and get control and gain a holistic viewpoint of projects easily. We shall help you in showing how to accomplish the models, class for interference, and also build construction utilizing a timeline. Navisworkss will normally look like a file viewer but we shall help you learn things about its exploration, simulation tools that are intolerable or costly any other way. Our professionals have a range of expertise that can help you reach for the stars by training on Navisworks classes in Dubai easily and then you will move on the right path to success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the practices for incorporating Revit, 3D AutoCAD, and well-matched software packages into a 3D model that will be leveraged to build clash uncovering between several organizational and MEP systems.
  • Put on workflow approaches for well-organized usage of incorporating several Building Information Modelling models into clash discovery study models.
  • Build timeline simulations demonstrating 4D building modeling and planning.
  • Generate and decide time-based clash discovery reports which will diminish on-site building alteration order requirements.

What you will learn:

Here are some of the incredible things that you learn in our Autodesk Navisworks training in Dubai:

  • You will be able to outline the fundamental characteristics and features of Navisworkss products.
  • You can easily open and add 3D files of various layouts and save them in a Navisworkss format.
  • You can easily achieve graphic project model evaluations utilizing the built-in evaluation and reporting tools
  • You will gain the capability to achieve interference uncovering tests amongst 3D files of diverse disciples to check the honesty of the plan
  • Our Navisworks courses in Dubai will help you perform 4D building sequencing leveraging the timeliner

Course Outline:

  • Introduction of Navisworks
  • Uses of Navisworks BIM
  • Append Model
  • Selection and Selection Sets
  • Clash Detection and Reports
  • Timeliner
  • Inserting Activity
  • Import Project Plan
  • Activity Assign to Model
  • Simulation of Timeliner
  • Quantification
  • Create Item Catalog
  • Resources and Its Parameter
  • Report of Quantification
  • Animation of Model
  • Animation Script
  • Review Model
  • Working with Google Earth
  • Materials and Lighting
  • Rendering of Model


Our Navisworks short term certificate course is specially designed for expert individuals of 3D design and job planning software. It targets individuals who are willing to learn and get acquainted with the major tools inside of Navisworkss.

Why Choose Edoxi for Navisworks Training in Dubai?

We are different from the rest of the institutes in Dubai in many aspects. Following are a few reasons which will help you get a clear understanding:

  • When we give coaching to our students, we ask them to start working on real projects, which will assist them in easy understanding of new concepts.
  • We provide tailored training for students and corporate companies.
  • Since our training is as per the present industry standards, you will get a job with handsome pay offers easily.
  • Flexible training is offered from specialized experts.
  • Reviews of our training in Dubai in Google and social media are on top than our competitors.
  • Our coaching center provides effective and quality training with limited seats, so that students get individual focus.
  • We are very flexible for all your training needs.
  • We understand the cumulative demands and requirements of today’s companies and so our Navisworks training centre will comprehend the unique needs and customize the training to suit their product and matches the core needs of the company.
  • Our major strength is the word of mouth and more than 30% of students are from reference of previous students

These are a few incredible and unique reasons to choose Edoxi training institute for your educational training needs.


So, if you are in Dubai and looking for a Navisworks training institute in Dubai, then you are definitely in the right place. We are the best Navisworks training center in Dubai right now and can help you reach your key objectives very quickly. Till now we have assisted hundreds of students and made their dreams come true with our efforts. So, if you want to be one among them and take home some amazing salary, then join our training sessions today! Our expert professionals are always on the verge of learning new things on how to teach to the students and make them understand the course easily. Join us today and we shall take care of the rest.

Course Duration:

Navisworks training duration is 30 hours. You will get complete knowledge of Navisworks software within this period. 30 hours of training can be completed in one month. Fast track courses also available upon the request of students.

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