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Learn the ins and outs of the most widely-used software- Microsoft office which includes Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, as well as the other popular productivity programs Access, Outlook, Project and Publisher.

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MS Office Training in Dubai

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Microsoft Office (Outlook, Access, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint) is a set of desktop applications which provide flexible and easy ways to systematize, manage, and present information. Knowledge related to Microsoft Tools is mandatory in today’s job market. Acquire necessary and also advanced skills with Microsoft office training at Edoxi training institute in Dubai. We offer the best MS Office Classes in Dubai location. Many individuals who reached us are not good at Microsoft Office Tools, without which everyday tasks become a burden in office. We had given them adequate knowledge of software’s like Access, Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint effectively, which made their work very easy.

The latest version of Microsoft Office supports extended file format systems with changed user experience, and user interferes updates. Some features of Microsoft Office are: It has come with a role-based version than other previous versions of Microsoft. The latest version of Microsoft comes handy to professionals in the fields of research and development, sales and human resources. So, are you one of those professionals who work regularly on Microsoft Office? If yes, reach us, we offer the finest MS Office courses in Dubai to increase your productivity.

Microsoft Office Applications:

Microsoft Office is a suite of applications that includes:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word is the most important application for an individual to work in today’s digital technology. Knowledge of Microsoft Word documents is a vital skill to develop irrespective of your profession, without which you find it tough to work anywhere. Word documents can be used to create, edit, save, retrieve and print different forms of data. So, our experts have incredible knowledge of how functionalities work and will guide you with ease.

Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is the world’s largest recommended spreadsheet software. With an excel sheet, one can store data, calculate numerically, and provide a graphical representation of data. With Microsoft Excel version you can manage as much data as possible with the user interface version.

Microsoft PowerPoint presentation:

Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program developed by Microsoft. This can be used for on-screen electronic presentations, handouts, creating overheads, 35mm slides. This application also features customizable templates and the ability to create, share, and edit PowerPoint’s.

Microsoft Access:

Microsoft Access is a database management system from Microsoft and it stores data on its own format based on Access Jet Database engine with the graphical user interface. With this application you can build on web databases and publish them to a SharePoint site. If your office work relies on this, then you must take up our MS Office training for sure.

Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft Outlook, an application from Microsoft Office contains personal email management tools. This also includes task manager, contact manager, calendar, note-taking, web browser and hence it is called as Microsoft Office Manager. Apart from the above features, Outlook 2010 contains advanced tools than in the previous versions. Learn the advanced skills in outlook at the best MS Office training centre in Dubai.

Finally, all we can say is, there is a huge demand for professionals with expert knowledge of Microsoft Office software. If you are based out in Dubai and looking to get MS Office training in Dubai, then get to us now!

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