Mechanical Design Training in Dubai

Gain knowledge and skills on mechanical products and learn how to design them

  • Understand the mechanical product design process
  • Understand the mechanical product development
  • Gain knowledge from expert design engineers
  • Earn a certificate approved by the Ministry of Education, UAE
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Understand industrial professional designing and design extraordinary products

Mechanical Designers create technical drawings for a wide variety of machines, from computers to buildings. Mechanical Designers are problem-solvers with an eye for good design. 

At Edoxi Training Institute, we train you to design products using various software. You will gain knowledge on how to create technical drawings, revise existing products, and provide installation support on various products. You will learn to select appropriate instrumentation and types of equipment in the industry.

If you possess a relevant technical degree with proficiency in AutoCAD and 3D software, you can obtain drawing and design experience with our Mechanical Design Training.

Here are just a few things you’ll be able to do after taking our Mechanical Design training.

  • Gain Meticulous Subject Knowledge
    Get your basics, learn about standards used in the industry, and be strong at engineering graphics and machine design.
  • Become Mechanical Design Expert
    Develop your skills and learn all processes from selection, documentation, classification to final project management. 
  • Add More Skills To Portfolio
    We provide opportunities to work with several projects to implement what you have learned and gain practical experience. 

Let’s Build Your Career Ladder by Designing Innovative Products