ITIL courses in Dubai

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the purpose, objective, and the different disciplines and areas of ITIL with Edoxi's ITIL Certifications Courses. Our courses will:

  • Streamline the selection, planning, delivery, and maintenance of IT services
  • Introduces learners to ITIL 4, the newest version of the ITIL exam
  • Understand and improve an IT-enabled enterprise.
  • Understand the concepts, languages, best practices, and processes utilized in the ITIL 4 lifecycle.
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ITIL courses

ITIL offers five different certification levels:

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Intermediate (Service Lifecycle and Service Capability categories)
  • Expert
  • Master

ITIL uses a credit system for the Foundation through Expert levels, in which each certification earns a certain number of credits. Ultimately, a total of 22 credits is required to achieve ITIL Expert certification. 

However, ITIL has recently evolved from ITIL v3 to ITIL 4 with a clear transition journey from one scheme structure to the other. ITIL v3 Foundation qualified candidates are encouraged to move straight to ITIL 4 Foundation to keep their skills up-to-date.

There are four certification levels within the ITIL 4 scheme:

  • Foundation
  • ITIL 4 Managing Professional
  • ITIL 4 Strategic Leader
  • Master.

Edoxi Training Institute offers a number of ITIL certification Training courses so you’ll be ready for the exam.


In the ITIL Foundation course, you will gain knowledge on fundamental ITIL best practices to prepare for the ITIL Foundation Certification Exam. The certification covers all the five practice areas of the ITIL service lifecycle, including how the different lifecycle stages are linked to one another. Even Though you complete the ITIL Foundation level, you will need the Practitioner or Intermediate certification before being able to qualify for service management positions. The ITIL Foundation certification has no prerequisites. Anyone with an interest in the subject matter can take this exam.


The ITIL Practitioner is considered the next step in the ITIL progression after achieving the ITIL Foundation (which is a prerequisite). This certification course emphasizes the ability to adapt, adapt and apply ITIL concepts in an organization. You may combine the concepts from ITIL Foundation with the hands-on skills gained with ITIL Practitioner certification, for a holistic ITIL approach. An ITIL Practitioner is able to use the ITIL framework to support business objectives and focuses on organizational change management, communications, and measurement and metrics.


The ITIL Intermediate Course is module-based. Each of the modules focuses on a different aspect of IT service management. The concepts learned in ITIL Foundation will be expanded with Service Lifecycle and Service Capability modules.


The ITIL Expert is an advanced certification that encompasses the breadth and depth of ITIL processes and practices across all ITIL disciplines. ITIL Expert certification is a prerequisite if you want to acquire the ITIL Master certification. To qualify for the ITIL Expert, you must obtain at least 17 credits from the Foundation, Practitioner, and Intermediate modules, and pass the Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) exam, earning a total of 22 credits.

  • ITIL Master

The ITIL Master certification demonstrates your ability to apply the ITIL framework in real-world situations. The ITIL Master encompasses all ITIL principles and processes covered in the Foundation through Expert certifications. 

How an ITIL Certification Can Help Your Career and Business? 

ITIL certification course can influence your career in the Information Technology sector or the organization you are working in. ITIL is not built around a specific business model. It is based on the collective experience and insight of highly experienced IT professionals. For instance, think about the various digital services you use every day. You use it because these services are necessary to you and have the potential in developing, delivering and maintaining various services. 

Good IT Service Management is about knowing how to integrate these factors into your development process. ITIL Certifications cover the entire development lifecycle, from identifying requirements from a business and IT perspective, to designing and creating the solution, to delivering and maintaining the service in a state of continual review and improvement. 

As a business or Individual, getting ITIL Certification offers numerous advantages. These advantages include:

  • Cut back on the amount of time and money that gets wasted throughout the service development lifecycle
  • Raise the quality of the end-product. 
  • It can provide a huge boost to customer satisfaction once a service or product is implemented
  • Improve the morale of staff working on your strategies.
  • It creates a common understanding between your organization’s IT staff, suppliers, contractors, and users within the business.

The Major Objectives of Our ITIL Training Institute are to: 

  • Improve your risk management process by predicting and reducing service disruptions and failures
  • Build long-term relationships and improve your reputation. 
  • Create networking opportunities and ease collaboration by incorporating ITIL’s terms and methodologies into your business
  • Raise the value of your service portfolio
  • Quickly adapt to changes in technology, compliance, and so on in order to continue growing and maintain your competitive advantage
  • Raise the profile of your business with a globally recognized certification

Why choose Edoxi for ITIL Training in Dubai?

Edoxi Training Institute, an Accredited Training Institute provides state of the art ITIL certification training through different modules – classroom, online classroom, and team/corporate trainingYou are free to discuss your career objectives with the highly trained faculty to judge the suitability and benefits. After joining the ITIL certification training, you get in-depth preparatory help for ITIL examination, comprehensive courseware, credits toward advanced level ITIL certification, downloadable courseware and post-workshop assistance, etc.

This course enables learners to successfully apply basic and advanced level ITIL services to lower the costs for IT operations, and get higher returns from IT investments. Edoxi Training Institute will train you to establish well-defined, repeatable, and manageable IT processes that will help you to stay ahead of the competition. Whether you're looking to add ITIL skills to your portfolio because your teams’ role has changed, or you want to master a specific ITIL technology, like efficient analysis of IT problems or risk-free implementation of IT changes, or need advanced training in ITIL, our ITIL courses will help you or your organization to remain up-to-date in the digital evolution.

Here are just a few things you’ll be able to do after taking our ITIL courses

  • Understand ITIL
    From service management to ITIL service life-cycle and more, you'll master the ITIL skills that top experts use every day. 
  • Become an expert in ITIL
    Instead of using basic features of ITIL, you'll be able to apply ITIL tools, techniques, and concepts to improve efficiency.
  • Add more skills to portfolio
    Work on portfolio-worthy projects while you learn, so you can show recruiters your skills and kick-start your career as an ITIL expert.

Let us help you to put yourself on the elite panel of ITIL experts.

Ready to kick-start your career?

Browse through our ITIL Courses and choose the one to fit your skill level.