Graphic Design Course in Dubai

Master the fundamental skills you need to be a graphic designer and create compelling designs with a Graphic Design Specialization Course in Dubai.

  • Learn to build visually appealing graphics that converse a message.
  • Start your career in graphic design after completing the course
  • Earn a course certificate upon successful completion
  • Learn and apply the principles of graphic design to a branding project.
  • Learn everything you need to know to work in interface design, motion graphics, and editorial design.
Graphic Design Courses

Get Started with the Graphic Design Training in Dubai 

Graphic Design training is designed for creative people who want to put their creativity at work with the help of technology. If you have a good eye for color and composition and want to make use of technology to create beautiful designs, then our Graphic Design course in Dubai can help you. You can build your skills extensively from designing web pages to designing brochures, logos, posters, newspaper layouts, newsletters, magazine design, etc

How a Graphic Design Certification can Help Your Career? 

A Graphic Design Certification can prepare you for a full range of skills to improve your effectiveness and creativity. It can help you to boost your career and develop your skillset to perform at your best. A Graphic Design Certification can: 

  • The certification is a valuable credential that validates your skills and expertise in designing pages and images 
  • A Graphic Design certificate proves that you can work closely with creative writers, directors, and managers of marketing, etc.
  • Certification can increase your ability to work in digital media and design products
  • The average salary of certified candidates is considerably higher than other employees.  You can earn a lucrative salary with your certification.
  • Graphic Design certification shows that you have the knowledge and proficiency in the graphic design software 
  • A Graphic Design certification course can also help you advance your career with greater career prospects. 

What Will You Learn From Edoxi’s  Graphic Design Course in Dubai? 

Our Graphic Design Training in Dubai can help you learn and build the essential qualities & skills needed to work as a competent Professional across multiple sectors. We concentrate on delivering the training through a unique learning approach that is more acceptable to our learners, and, this includes: 

  • 60 hours of classroom training with flexible classes
  • Course material as per the industrial standards
  • Practical lab sessions with Windows & Mac (you can also use your personal laptop for learning)
  • Personalized Training with Industry-leading Instructors 

At Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai, our trainers are highly experienced professionals who will teach reassuringly and engagingly and tailor the course to meet your needs. In doing so, we also intend to meet the major objectives of the Graphic Design classes. 

The Major Objectives of Our Graphic Design Professional Courses are to:

  • Gain expertise in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Coreldraw,  Adobe Indesign, and Adobe Animate 
  • Create and analyze different pixel-based and vector graphics 
  • Design web pages, emails, templates, and social media banner images.
  • Build banner ads and rich media marketing campaigns for websites 
  • Work in the digital media and design products of Adobe's Creative Suite
  • Build your career in the Print and Media industry, Advertisement Sector, Fashion Industry,  and Social Media Marketing sector

Who can pursue Edoxi’s  Graphic Design Training in Dubai?

The following are the prerequisites to pursue our Graphic Design Training in Dubai:

  • Anyone wanting to advance Graphic design skills 
  • Aspirants with basic computer skills and interest 
  • Professionals who want to learn various Graphic Design software 

Edoxi aims to help aspirants build a successful career with great knowledge in Graphic Design. With Graphic Design short courses in Dubai, you can advance your career undoubtedly. 

Why Choose EDOXI for Graphic Design Training in Dubai? 

Edoxi Training Institute is one of the professional training institutes in delivering the best Graphic Design Course with Certification in Dubai. Commercial, government, and other organizations prefer to employ certified professionals to improve the success rate of different projects.  Media City in Dubai is a major hub for the media industry. We provide our students with intensive, specific, and subject-oriented training to pursue careers in major media and advertisement industries. At Edoxi Training Institute, we provide multiple study aids to the students and impart skills that enhance their workplace competency.  If you want to become a certified professional, start preparing with us to stay ahead of others.

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What is the course duration to learn Graphic Design at EDOXI?

The course duration of the Graphic Design course at Edoxi Training Institute is 60 hours of classroom training with flexible classes.

What are the prerequisites to pursue a Graphic Design course from Edoxi Training Institute?

There are no prerequisites to pursue this course at Edoxi Training Institute. Anybody who is interested to advance their skills in Graphic Design tools can join the course.

What are the career opportunities after pursuing a Graphic Design course?

There are several job opportunities after pursuing a Graphic Design Course. Graphic Design certifications offer job roles in the Print and Media industry, Advertisement Sector, Fashion Industry,  and Social Media Marketing sector.

How do I register for the Graphic Design training course?

You can either fill in the enquiry box on the website or connect to us via phone or email. The contact details are provided on our website. Get in touch with us now.

How can you become a Graphic Design professional?

Graphic Design professionals are required to have a Graphic Design Specialist certification and basic computer skills.

What job roles can a Graphic Designer pursue in an organization or company?

In companies, a graphic designer can pursue job roles such as UI Designer, Graphic Designer, Layout Designer or Web Designer