French Language Course in Dubai

Learn to communicate in French language with confidence in all listening, speaking, reading and writing areas.

  • Get customized training to learn the French language
  • Learn to effectively communicate in French
  • Self-paced learning option from industry-led instructors
  • Earn the certificate approved by the Ministry of Education, UAE

French Language Course: ALL the Basics You Need

Did you know? French is the official language in 5 continents and 29 countries. Many individuals speak French and it may be important to learn French if you want to pursue higher education abroad. Edoxi Training Institute is providing French Language Training in Dubai for interested candidates who want to learn and master the course in the shortest time possible. Our trainers are well-equipped with all the knowledge that is needed to help a student understand and learn the course. Our training will not just teach you the basic French words, but you will also learn how to easily have conversations, meet people and talk to them for a longer duration of time, describe places, order food, and more.

Speaking of French, it is one of the most spoken languages in the world and it is also a beautiful language to learn. If ever you want to travel to France, learn French and you will no doubt experience a great place where you can stay forever in your life. You can easily learn this language of love at Edoxi Training Institute very quickly. All we need is you to attend the training sessions regularly and we shall take care of the rest. You are sure to learn French numbers, grammar, phonetics, have conversations with colleagues and friends easily.

Objectives of our French Language Training in Dubai:

Here are the main objectives of our French course in Dubai:

  • You will learn how to greet people.
  • Introduce yourself and tell me about your family and friends to others.
  • Learn numbers successfully.
  • Pronounce French words by getting hold of the accent.
  • Explain about your personality.
  • Order food at a restaurant.
  • Talk about lifestyle, fashion, clothes, and more.
  • Speak about your job and your industry.
  • Have proper communication in French.

These are the main objectives of our French Language course in Dubai. There are more which you will learn after joining our training sessions.

Who can do this course:

Anyone who has the interest to learn different languages can join this short term certificate program. Also, if you are planning to go abroad to countries where French is the main language of communication, then joining our French Language classes in Dubai can really help.

Why Choose Edoxi for the French Language course in Dubai?

Some of the vital reasons why students choose to join our French Language Training Institute in Dubai are as follows:

  • At our institute, we provide training by knowing the latest advancements that are happening in the industry.
  • Besides giving training to the students, we also provide customized training to corporate employees to meet the demands of the firms.
  • Our coaching center timings are very flexible and suit your needs. You can join our morning or evening sessions as per your flexibility.
  • Learning the French language at our institute is very much fun.
  • Before joining our institute, you can check our reviews and ratings on all the social media channels and also on Google My Business page. They are very high compared to our competitors.
  • Our trainers are always on the verge of appending tips and techniques through videos so that the curriculum becomes engaging and learning is enhanced.
  • We don’t charge much from our students. Our charges are pretty much low when compared to others in the market.
  • The major strength of the growth of our training institute is the word of mouth publicity. We have literally observed that more than 30% of the students who join our training institute are from the reference of our previous and current students.
  • We carefully understand the present scenario of the industry and what employers seek in the individuals and then we devise our training strategy effectively. This helps candidates in getting a job quickly.

These are the main reasons why you must join our French Language Training Institute in Dubai.


If you are based in Dubai and looking for the best French Language Training Institute in Dubai, then you are definitely in the right place. Many students have learned French at our training institute. They are now able to speak very fluently without any mistakes. Having proper communication with others is extremely important after you learn a language. Because, if you can communicate with others, then you can live anywhere in French-speaking countries. Students who have planned to study abroad in French-speaking countries have got trained with us and now they are able to live comfortably in foreign countries.

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