Customer Service Management Training in Dubai

Gain relevant skills to effectively build rapport with your customers in the world of customer services.

  • Self-paced learning option
  • Earn certificate on course completion
  • Experience effective services and techniques
  • Build rewarding customer relationships
Customer Service Management

Learning about customer service can help build strong relationships easily. One great customer service is not enough to impress a customer. Every time he approaches you, you must be delivering quality service. Only then, loyal customers build forever for your business. Learning about customer service management can really build your career in a positive direction as you will also gain an overall understanding of the market so that you will think from the customer's point of view. Your only goal should be building customer loyalty and by learning this customer service management course, you will be definitely equipped with this skill.

What Are The Skills Benefited From Our Customer Service Management Course?

As one of the best short term certificate programs, Edoxi’s Customer Service Management training will have you learn the following skills: 

  • Acquire innate problem-solving skills 
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence 
  • Clear communication and writing skills
  • Ability to use positive language 
  • Capable to take responsibility 
  • Improved time management and patience 
  • Willingness to improve and accept constructive criticism 
  • Extreme persuasion skills with a goal-oriented focus

Objectives of Edoxi's Customer Service Management Training in Dubai:

Here are the objectives of our Customer Service Management classes in Dubai:

  • Learn tools to find the various characters in their team.
  • You will be capable of communicating the service code to team members.
  • You will gain the capability to learn diverse techniques using which you can motivate both individuals and the team.
  • Learn how to establish clear goals with their team members alongside objectives.
  • Learn how to coach team members successfully to get improved performance from them.
  • Have tools and methods to agree with underperforming teammates.

These are the key objectives of our Customer Service Management course in Dubai. There are more which you will learn after joining our training sessions.


The only prerequisite is that you should have ServiceNow Fundamentals knowledge to join our training course.

Who Can Pursue our Customer Service Management Course in Dubai 

This certification course is specifically designed for functional administrators who are planning to set up and manage the customer service management application.

Why Choose Edoxi for Customer Service Management course training?

Some of the reasons why students prefer to join us include:

  • We provide training by understanding the latest advancements which are happening in the industry.
  • If you want to check our reviews, kindly visit our Google My Business page and check our reviews on Google and also on all the social media channels. They are very high when compared to others in the industry.
  • Besides giving training to students, we also provide customized training to corporate employees to meet the needs of the companies.
  • Our training institute timings are extremely flexible and very comfortable as per your needs. You can join our morning or evening sessions as per your flexibility.
  • Learning at our institute is very much fun and result-oriented at the same time. It is an amazing experience that you get without any doubt.
  • Our trainers are always on the verge of appending the latest concepts through videos, reading material, etc. to our curriculum which is very unique, so that learning is enhanced.
  • We don’t charge much for our students. Our charges are pretty much low when compared to others in the market.
  • The major strength for the growth of our training institute is the word of mouth publicity. We have literally observed that more than 30% of the students who join our training institute are from the reference of our previous and current students.
  • We carefully understand the present scenario of the industry and what employers seek in the individuals and then we devise our training strategy effectively. This helps candidates in getting a job quickly.

So, if you are looking for the best Customer Service Management Training Institute in Dubai, then we are the right choice. We have already helped many students realize their dreams. Our students are now placed in top MNC companies across the world. If you wish to be one of them, then give us a call immediately. Our ideas will always turn into amazing actions, using which you can build your career quickly. 

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