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Build a Strong and Vibrant Workforce with the Best Corporate Training Solutions from the Experts in Dubai

We help close the gap that exists between the skills and competencies in your workforce and pave the way for innovation, enhanced productivity and employee performance with our customised Corporate Training in Dubai.

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Custom Solutions for
Corporate Training
in Dubai

We Grow your Businesses by Growing your People

We develop & deliver world-class corporate training solutions that align with your company's culture. We offer both private and custom training programs for corporate groups or organizations with specific training and development needs.

4000+People Trained
10+Industrial Sectors
20+Competent Trainers
500+Sessions Completed
10+ERP Projects

How You Benefit

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    Improves Cost Efficiency

    We help you cut the cost of hiring new employees by training your existing employees to improve in efficiency and build on their existing knowledge.

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    Lowers Absenteeism

    When you improve employee engagement, it will naturally reflect in their sense of commitment to your company resulting in lowering absenteeism.

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    Improves Employee Morale

    Our corporate training helps improve your employees’ morale and creates a sense of value which inspires them to produce better results.

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    Retain your Clients/Customers

    From signing new customers to maintaining existing, our training will improve your employees’ engagement which results in developing best customer service practices.

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    Eliminates Weaknesses

    Team training helps employees to understand each other’s weaknesses and to eliminate these insufficiencies when the circumstances are right.

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    Ramps Up Productivity

    Instead of hiring a new team, training your existing team virtually guarantees an increase in their future level of production.

Our Stand Alone Features


Customized Training

Our customized training solutions deliver key business outcomes that guarantee you a great return on investment.


Competent Trainers

Our Trainers will understand your business challenges and discover skills and competency gaps in the domain of leadership and team performance.


Comprehensive Learning

We follow a comprehensive method of teaching which takes an active, customised, authentic, flexible, engaging and practical approach.


The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel. And if your employees don’t feel valued, neither will your customers

― Sybil F. Stershic

Do you want your employees to Scale up to the next level of performance?

Course Calendar

Never miss a beat! Keep track of our courses and its details.

Our Resources

Every organization has a number of reasons and motivations to develop a training program with us. Want to explore some of them?

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Our Industry Leading Trainers


Rupam Bhattacharjee

Data Analytics Trainer


Tasnym Suhail Siddiqui

Communication Specialist


Daljeet Kaur

Soft Skills Trainer


Viswanathan AG

Sr. IT Trainer


Shahista Tabassum

Technical Trainer


Rahul Kumar

Vertualisation & Cyber Security Trainer


Shaheen M

AutoDesk & Bently Product Trainer


Bhagya Azariah

Corporate Communication Trainer


Navpreet Jhingan

Sr. SAP Trainer


Learning never exhausts the mind.

― Leonardo da Vinci



See what our clients say

The 3D Max course here along with Post Production in Adobe Photoshop was a great experience and the teaching methods are really good. Given a lot of time to work and study and the faculties are very polite. Definitely worth it, taught me 3Ds MAX in 30 hours. Thank you so much Mr. Sujith for your guidance

Swathi Prathap

3ds Max

I got SAP FICO Training certificate from EDOXI, My instructor Mr. Hafiz Kaleem is a professional trainer and I am very satisfy with the communication and knowledge of Mr. Kaleem. Edoxi is a good institute for training of multiple courses.

Mohammed Tahir


Ms. Daljeet Kaur was trainer for "Restaurant Management/ Waiter and Waitress Training". The training was good and to the point. The class session with theory and mock practice was amazing and on the job training as also good.

Iftekhar Ahmed

Customer Service Management

Daljeet Kaur was an excellent trainer for HR management training , gained info. and answered all of my Qs , shout out to her excellent taught and friendship

Kany Mamood

Certified Human Resource Professional

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