CorelDraw Training in Dubai

Learn to use CorelDRAW design software to create vector art and illustrations for logos, web graphics, brochures, and more with our CorelDraw Training in Dubai.

  • Learn how to use CorelDRAW from Scratch to Advanced
  • Learn to create a logo in CorelDRAW
  • Learn how to technically design a book cover ready to print
  • Learn how to use the page-layout application
  • Learn to present objects, layers, and pages in an effective and presentable form.

Learn to Create Expressive Art and Designs with CorelDRAW, the powerful graphics application.

CorelDRAW, also called Corel's Graphics Suite, is a graphic toolkit that serves to build and edit any graphics image. By utilizing the right tools, outstanding compatibility of files and updates will help us in getting professional quality. Amazing logos, photo-editing, image filtering, and much more are possible with this fantastic application. Edoxi training institute is offering CorelDRAW training in Dubai for everyone who is interested and has a strong desire to learn. Our teaching can be used to help you educational-wise and business-wise too. We guarantee that it will fulfil every need of yours.

If you’re an aspiring or qualified artist, this course of ours offers you detailed coverage of CorelDraw. It also assists you in getting up to speed with the basics of vector drawing. Our skilled personnel will explain how to use objects, layers, and pages to classify documents successfully and he converses about working with drawing tools, colour, text, and also special effects. There are more things which the course covers. Here is the course outline:

Course Topics:

  • Starting CorelDRAW, Working with command bars
  • Drawing tools, objects, lines.
  • Working with text, objects, fills, workspaces
  • Using brush tools and adding objects
  • Importing files
  • Creating a technical drawing using advanced tools
  • Formatting objects
  • Altering outlines, working with drop shadows
  • Altering objects, adding a graphic Image
  • Additional formatting techniques
  • Building and altering styles and templates
  • Formatting paragraph text
  • Working with artistic and paragraph text
  • Modifying the environment
  • Modifying the menu bar and standard toolbar
  • Importing and editing OCR text
  • Creating and modifying paragraph text
  • Building and altering a text style
  • Fit text to path
  • Working with layers
  • Drawing and altering objects, curves, and lines
  • Creating and editing a print style
  • Utilizing the print merge wizard
  • Inspecting a master page
  • Building a master layer
  • Working with vector and bitmap graphics
  • Using advanced tools to create a technical drawing
  • Using advanced techniques for text manipulation
  • Working with templates
  • Converting vector objects to bitmaps

These are the course topics that you will learn during our CorelDRAW classes in Dubai. Edoxi training institute is one of the best CorelDRAW training centres in Dubai because of its outstanding professionals who give quality training to the students and office working professionals.


All students should know how to use a mouse, how to manage files and general operations on a Windows operating system.

Who can learn this course?

CorelDRAW professional course is mostly suggested for graphic designers, UI designers, mock-up designers, digital marketing experts, layout designers, wireframe designers and also for those who want explorer layout domain knowledge.

Advantages of using CorelDRAW:

There are numerous advantages of using CorelDRAW. Some of them are:

CorelDraw uses the very partial capacity of any machine (for example computer’s memory), which means that the machine performs its job to the full potential, needs less downtime and there is no issue with the performance. Besides this, it’s easy to set up on most of the machines. Even if you use Linux or Windows OS or any other OS, you can still get things done with equivalent speed and agility.

Even though CorelDRAW is a humongous program, it’s easy to learn when compared with other programs of this size and capabilities. The reason is, it’s structured very well and there are lots of amazing tutorials and guides to learn from. As this software is widely used, the number of publications using this is huge. Books on this are written so well and are as per one’s needs and necessities.

The developers of this amazing training program have ensured that the versions which come in the future will support the works done in older versions and will make the whole processing and saving a delight.

Career options:

The demand for CorelDRAW trained professionals is very high at present. Here are the jobs that you can try for after learning CorelDraw:

  • Brochure Designing
  • Poster Designing
  • Flex Designer
  • Business Cards Designer
  • Logo Designer
  • Pamphlet Designer
  • Letterhead Designer
  • Flyer Designer
  • Magazine Designer

These are just a few jobs and there are more jobs in which you can show your skill. Visit our training center in Dubai to get to know about these things and solve all your queries about this training. CorelDraw training courses accurately provide equal prospects for architects and interior designers in the situation of enhancing the existing pool of talent.

So, reach us! We are the best CorelDRAW training center in Dubai and many students are preferring us at present, as the training is given only by industry experts who have decades of experience in their respective fields. Join us and master the course with ease.

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