CMA Course in Dubai

Enhance your financial, accounting, and management skills by obtaining a CMA certification and expand your career potential

  • Understand financial data for business success
  • Manage working capital and analyze financial strategies
  • Evaluate value acquisitions and capital investments
  • Identify and minimize financial risks
  • Clear the exams and become a Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
CMA Certification

Everything You Need To Earn A CMA Certification

Businesses today are coping up with the intense competition led by the global economy. Companies across the world are demanding excellence in financial management and complex accounting skills that can help them take strategic financial decisions. CMA or Certified Management Accountant is in high demand in recent times. Market-disrupting technologies are creating a need for talent that is premeditated and skilled.

CMA accounting is playing an imperative role by handling complex financial challenges and helping businesses achieve more, strategically. Do you know over 80% of accountants end up doing non-public accounting? With a professional designation such as CMA before your name, you can unlock a plethora of opportunities for yourself and make your career versatile. You can do both- corporate and public accounting, across different positions like planners, analysts, managers & auditors.

Benefits of CMA Certification in Dubai

CMAs or Certified Management Accountants are highly sought after by finance, accounting, and other business firms of all scales in Dubai. The CMA certification is an excellent addition to anyone who is working in finance or accountant niches. Moreover, CMAs make 64% more than their non-certified peers. On average a CMA makes over 2,50,000 AED annually. Accounting professionals must leverage the potential of CMA. The CMA course helps you to upskill and get a dream position in top-tier companies.

Going by the latest trends from popular online recruitment websites, CMAs are in high demand. According to a report, around the world, the demand for CMAs rose over 45% in March 2020. Once achieved, CMA is one of the most reputed designations that accounting and finance people enjoy. The job profile of CMAs is nothing less than a lucrative challenge. CMAs are specialized in advanced technologies, costing strategies, business management, allocation, and management of funds.

Why Choose Edoxi For CMA Training in Dubai?? 

Edoxi is helping Finance and Account professionals boost their careers with the best CMA course in Dubai. Our course helps professionals leverage practical and experimental training. Our training center caters to their soft skills training such as business communication, time management, negotiation skills, and interpersonal communication as well. Edoxi strives to make you ready for exams and the finance industry. 

We understand that management accountants are critical to the financial health of organizations. Our course aims at making you, successful management accountants. It is then you can work in an array of business conditions towards sustainability and integrity. Throughout the CMA course, you will get rich and industry-oriented training from professionals. 

The course has content that matches the competence of leading corporations around the world. Thus, Edoxi emerges as a global leader helping potential candidates get quality professional education. Our CMA course can open your career doors to roles such as Financial Controller, Analyst, Cost Accountant, Financial Risk Manager, and more.

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Can I do CMA after the ACCA certification program?

Yes, you can do CMA after ACCA. Both ACCA and CMA offer comprehensive curriculums. Having both certifications help you cater to technical as well as management aspects of Finance. 

Where ACCA has a great global presence, CMA is still an emerging niche. Being certified in both will help you get recognized as one of the best accountants in the region.

What are the growth opportunities associated with the CMA course?

CMAs have a high value around the world. You might be a fresh commerce graduate or doing a basic accounting job in a company. However, CMA certification adds significant value to your degree. 

As a CMA, you can understand business, accounts, and finance better. Not just that, CMAs get promoted to the top positions of the companies. There are many CMAs who are now CFOs of their companies. CMA training in Dubai can help you establish your CMA career goals real-quick!

Will I get placement assistance after my CMA course?

During your CMA preparation and training, we don't offer placement assistance. However, Edoxi helps you in every essential way by bringing rich knowledge and study content to you. 

The course curriculum has been tailored to power the accounting workforce of the future. We provide constant guidance and solve your course-related doubts at the earliest.

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