CDA Training in Dubai

Earn your Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential and become a qualified early care professional. By the end of our CDA Course, you will:

  • Get high-quality education and interactive to meet the coursework requirement of the Council for Professional Recognition 
  • Be able to advance your career with a CDA Certificate
  • Achieve career advancement in Early Childhood Education (ECE) 
  • Gain exposure to larger communities of early childhood educators.
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Benefits of CDA Training in Dubai 

CDA (Child Development Associate) Training provides the certificate to individuals whose goal as dedicated professionals is to help families meet their challenges in raising a child with special needs. The CDA credential is acknowledged and accepted worldwide, providing the educated, qualified, early childhood professional with the following benefits of the CDA Course.

  • To kick start your career as an early childhood professional 
  • Helping parents get a piece of mind 
  • Develop skills to undertake interventions, therapy, and consultation 
  • To develop your interpersonal and communication skills 
  • Provide children with the best possible care and instruction 
  • Increase knowledge, build confidence and prepare for leadership roles 
  • Meet licensing requirements 

What Will You Learn From our CDA Certificate Course?

At Edoxi Training Institute, we offer CDA Training in Dubai which is the most widely recognised credential. Our CDA Certification Course enables early childhood specialists with work experience in a child care setting to have a key-level credential in the early education field. You will learn to focus on positive social guidance, building relationships, and creating a healthy emotional understanding. 

There is a lot of information to take in, including psychology and literature. But CDA put into simple words; you learn how to nurture children’s emotional, physical, intellectual, and social development. 

To earn a CDA certificate, you will need to complete 120 hours of CDA Training. Our CDA training in Dubai includes 10 hours each in the CDA’s eight subject areas:

  • Planning a safe and healthy learning environment
  • Advancing children’s physical and intellectual development 
  • Supporting children’s social and emotional development 
  • Building productive relationships with families 
  • Managing an effective programming operation 
  • Maintaining a commitment to professionalism 
  • Observing and recording children’s behaviour 
  • Understanding principles of child development and learning. 

Who Can Pursue Edoxi's CDA Training in Dubai?

Anyone aspiring to be a physiotherapist, speech-language therapist, occupational therapy specialist, behavior modification specialist, family consultant, or even education specialist can pursue Edoxi’s CDA Training in Dubai. 

Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria to acquire the CDA Credentials. Complete your portfolio and family questionnaire. And before you apply, review the CDA credential setting that includes: Infant/Toddler, Preschool, Family Child Care, or Home Visitor. 

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility criteria for CDA Credential are:

  • The candidate should have a high school diploma or be a high school junior or senior in an education/child development career or Technical Program. 
  • Should complete 120 hours of professional education covering the eight CDA subjects before you apply. 
  • Before three years of applying, the candidate should work with young children for 480 hours. 
  • The candidate needs to prepare a portfolio as per the requirements outlined in the CDA Competency Standards Book.
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