Al Ain Operation

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Al Ain Operation - Courses

Edoxi Training Institute is the most excellent educational training center with zeal to be on top by providing unique coaching for individuals. Edoxi has started it’s Al Ain Operation in 2019 focusing on test preparation courses like Medical Coding –CPC, IELTS & OET. Being the finest training institute, we are the pioneers in offering career-orientated courses to the aspirant professionals.

Edoxi Training Institute is a part of the Time Training Center, which has an experience of 25+ years in training students in Abu Dubai location. It has also shown its mark as being the leading institute in Abu Dhabi both in corporate training and individual training too. In our institute in Dubai & Abu Dhabi we have been training several members and most of them are now well settled with a bright career path.

Benefits of Al Ain Operation - Courses

There are many students who have enrolled and are enrolling continuously for these courses particularly. With this, you now know how efficient our training is in particular to the contemporary demands.Our Medical coding course will help know the diagnosis of coding, solve any type of CPT, Define ICD-10-CM, solve any type of coding practice problems, etc. The OET course will help you become a master of written English, speaking fluently, reading effortlessly, and improves your listening skills as well. Coming to IELTS, our training will assist you in cracking the course very easily in the first attempt itself. You will gain Academic/General proficiency in the English language.

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