Building Information Modeling (BIM) Training in Dubai

Learn to save time and mitigate errors in construction projects for a better collaboration and communication with BIM

  • Understand the strategic processes to apply BIM
  • Learn embedding new BIM processes and procedures
  • Learn to create a change management program with BIM
  • Achieve a better career growth
  • Earn certificate on course completion
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BIM Training

All You Need To Get Started As a Building Information Modelling Specialist

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is an inclining idea in Civil Engineering where we can create and oversee computerized portrayals of physical and practical attributes of Structural Elements. BIM Model holds all the data about a structure. This model will have information stocked up in it, which is correlated to the structure, appropriate from the littlest nut and bolt, to the biggest solid post in the building. Edoxi training institute is providing BIM training in Dubai for a very reasonable price. If you are one of those who have a wide area of interest in this, then you are at the right place to get quality training from our skilled personnel.

This is a preparation course in management principles for building information modelling projects. If you are seriously seeking out a career in managing BIM projects or if you are looking to improve your career in the present working organization and become even more aggressive in the market, then be the first to comprehend the needs to manage BIM.

Our BIM training institute in Dubai is a destination for all those spirited people and who want to begin putting mutually professional building data management systems which connect clients and various building industry experts, label them to battle, and finally enhance a career in this novel and improving area! People who are well equipped with this course and who have practical experience will earn decent money and are very much significant in the market.

What Will You Learn From Our BIM Course? 

  • Know the key BIM standards and how to work in the direction of fulfillment
  • Comprehend and deal with the data delivery cycle
  • Learn and employ COBie
  • Interpretation of BIM
  • Benefits of BIM
  • Potential of BIM-enabled Models
  • Execute BIM protocols and standards
  • Work in common data settings
  • Learn the basics of BIM level 2 compliance
  • Virtual Prototyping of Models
  • Build up an organization and supply chain to transport BIM capability
  • Recognize drawings managing and level of detail
  • Recognize the prospects and concerns characterized by the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Who can pursue our BIM Training in Dubai

This course is apt for people such as engineers, temporary workers, mechanical, electrical, directors and entrepreneurs, administrations engineers and different experts, sub-contractual workers, providers, draftsmen, chiefs, in all segments of the development and foundation industries.

Key features of our BIM Course in Dubai

Edoxi BIM training center has certified experience in this field for many years. Our training will be of immense help for everyone who is interested and eager to learn this course. Our tutorials are perfect to provide you with a clear insight into construction and design. Know about BIM’s drivers and their impact, standards, and knowing how to implement them will attain the purpose of the project.

So, want to learn the basic needs and expand skills to manage collaborative building information modeling (BIM) projects? Then, reach Edoxi training institute, the best BIM training center in Dubai!

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